At Watts Up, there were many Hats, all worn with Pride.

Meaning that we wore the hats proudly, not that pride wore them out…oh you know what we mean!  🙂

Watts Up - the PNB Nation baseball cap / hatAnyway, at Watts Up, Inc., there were so many hats given, received, worn, arranged on bookshelves, and hung on walls–all with pride–for and from customers, vendors, partners, and friends.  What was the Watts Up Gang proud of, as we gave and received all those hats?  Receiving, wearing and/or decorating with those hats displayed pride in our own many accomplishments; our success, and the success we helped our customers, vendors and partners to achieve.

Watts Up - the Arjo Wiggins baseball cap / hatSome hats came from eager suppliers, wanting to promote their products and brand, or partners wanting to show their appreciation for our collaborations; all quite nice. However, the hats we were proudest of were those given by our customers for excellent, supportive, successful work together! OK, there were many other gifts of thanks and appreciation from our clients–not just hats–there were t-shirts and other apparel, food and other gift baskets, music (CD’s), books, wine, booze, smoked salmon, tchotchkes, etc. And always, the sweetest, proudest gifts came from our clients, who paid their bills happily, AND showered gifts of appreciation on us!

Back to the hats…almost all of the gifted headgear was in the form of baseball caps, embroidered with the logos of our customers, vendors or partners. Nice for hanging proudly on a wall, for all to see and admire…

Watts Up - the Fujicolor + Navision baseball cap / hatBut there was that one time we had hats made for one of our biggest clients: Fujicolor Processing (now part of FujiFilm), to celebrate the ongoing success we had from working together. There was probably a specific milestone of event that prompted the gift of hats to Fujicolor. Perhaps it was for the initial launch and go-live of their Navision (Dynamics NAV) ERP system… In any case, the hat was lovingly embroidered with all three logos–Fujicolor Processing, Watts Up, and Navision–and given to to all members of the Fujicolor management and Watts Up staff! Not really something fashionable, or likely to be worn by anyone away from work, but those hats were full of mega-pride…

Here’s a mini-gallery with shots of that fabulous fujicolor hat, plus a few more:

– Watts Up, Inc.


1 thought on “At Watts Up, there were many Hats, all worn with Pride.

  1. Geovanny Fuentes April 30, 2019 — 2:33 pm

    Good leadership steers the company to quality work for its customers.

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